23 June 2013

Music Monday ~ Definition Of Sound

Wear Your Love Like Heaven

This London based duo of Kevin Clark & Don Weekes had a few hits in the early 1990's. This was their biggest hit to date reaching number 12 in the UK singles chart in 1991, and is taken from their debut album "Love & Life: A Journey With The Chameleons". Other singles released by the group include "Moira-Jane's Cafe", "Now Is Tomorrow" & "Child"

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  1. This is one or them ones when you know the song but not a clue who sang it ;-)

    Have a fantastical week :-)

    1. I have to admit when I was a young lad (LOL) I listened to this and enjoyed it so much that I brought the album it was taken from on cassette. Unfortunately I don't have it any more, but was a good album. Happy MM Steve

  2. Ack! Content blocked in Canada. Not familiar with this one by name, but have a great week and Happy MM.

  3. First time to hear this. Happy MM here too.

  4. Ah, the video was blocked in my neck of the woods (USA) and I have to admit I am not familiar with them.
    Have a good week :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  5. This is the second song in a row that is blocked in my country. Why doesn't anyone like us Americans? :( :( :~(

  6. Thanks for sharing but it's another blocked song. Have a great week just the same.

  7. ME TOO! I'm blocked :( Oh well, I'm sure it rocked. Thanks for trying, and joining us today! Hope to see you next week too!

  8. I agree with Steve, you know it and belt it out but not who sang it :)
    Thanks for rocking!

  9. Blocked me, too! Oh, pooh! Well, it was great to have you join us on the dance floor with the 4M crew all the same - keep rockin'! :)


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