27 April 2014

Music Monday ~ Urban Cookie Collective

The Key, The Secret

Originally released in 1993, this song has charted in the UK on no less than 4 occasions. Upon its debut appearance, the single charted at number 2. The single features the vocals from Diane Charlemange. Other songs to be released by the dance group include "Feels Like Heaven", "Sail Away", "High On A Happy Vibe" & the re-issue in 2004 of "The Key The Secret".

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  1. Oh! yeah I remember this well, I liked it was played a lot :-)

    Have a good week Ian ;-)

  2. That's actually a new one to me - but I love it! Thanks for making me dance in my seat this morning! ;) Have a great week, Ian! :)

  3. Strange video but I like the music. New to me as well.

  4. Well another new one for me, but it so rocks! Interesting video and it's got me bopping in my chair for sure. Let's boogie!!!! Wooooooooooo Hoooo! Thanks for sharing & joining us. I'm still listening... she sure didn't have many words to remember did she.... LOL

  5. Thanks for the intro. This song make the US charts? I certainly don't remember it, but I didn't listen to the radio much in late 80s and 90s. So, there are many tunes that are just now showing up on my radar for the first time. Anywho, glad to have you on the dance floor with the 4M crew. ;)

  6. new one for me - but love the beat! Great tune as I am doing dishes. :)

  7. First time. Thanks for the introduction. It was a good listen!

  8. Oh, I'd forgotten about this one! Brilliant early nineties synth-beat to it!

  9. Alrighty then... this is a new one for me... but a very moving song.. YOU'RE DEFINITELY ROCKIN' THE HOUSE! Thanks for joining us. :)


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